I like running, even though I’m not particularly good at it. I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012, the Copenhagen Marathon in 2013, and the New York Marathon in 2015. I hope to do some more (and my dream is to participate in the Polar Marathon, but I doubt if I will ever be able to prepare for this challenge).
Dariusz Jemielniak
For many years I have been practicing some martial arts, not very seriously (mainly as a less boring fitness drill) – about 4 years of aikido (I ended up with 4th kyu), then some 12 irregular years of karate (for many years I got stuck at 3rd kyu, I was alternating mostly gosoko-ryu and shotokan, but occasionally attended also wado-ryu and enshin dojos). Since 2012 I’ve started krav maga and I’ve been enjoying it a lot – I’m currently a certified Krav Maga Global instructor, and in 2019 I passed my black belt (Expert 1) exam.

I also like poker, sailing, board games, scrabble, negotiation games (such as “Diplomacy”, “Macchiavelli”, etc.), Role Playing Games (the old-school ones, with narrating and storytelling, such as Amber Diceless, Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem, D&D, Star Wars, Legend of Five Rings, etc.). I used to read a lot of sci-fi and I still have a huge sentiment to the genre (most recently, I’ve been quite impressed with Kiln People, and The Windup Girl. I also believe that if ever Other songs get decently translated into English, it will be a sure candidate for Hugo/Nebula/whatnot awards).

Occasionally, I take photos (I currently shoot with Nikon D7000).

Bamboo forest 01
This picture was used in 2014 by International Business Times to illustrate “top 10 unbelievably beautiful places to visit before you die”
Reed flute cave
Quora.com approached me in 2014 to use this picture of a cave in Guilin in their mobile app – sadly, they dropped out when they found I’m more after attribution than a licence fee. It is also used by Thousand Wonders website
The Li River
This picture of Li River in China seems to be popular at tourist websites, e.g. here, or here, or here.
Toris inari 7
This pic from Inari gates in Japan may be oversaturated, but I still like it 🙂
Fisherman feeding a bird
A fisherman feeding a bird in Mexico
Orthodox priest
An orthodox priest in Moscow
Old car on a desert
I really like this picture from Utah
Excalibur hotel (with a flag)
I’m not a fan of color pick/selective coloring, but this tacky hotel in Las Vegas combined with an American flag strangely appeals to me
Death Valley (Badwater view)
Death Valley. Just because there ain’t no grave 😉