I am a (full) professor of management. I co-founded NeRDS (New Research on Digital Societies) group, and I head the Center for Research on Organizations and Workplaces at Kozminski University.

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My interests include open collaboration communities, critical management studies, Internet startup strategies, storytelling, organizational archetypes, occupational identities, all studied by interpretive and qualitative methods. Most of my research so far has been evolving around knowledge-intensive workplace, open collaboration, F/LOSS, organizations and professional culture, with particular focus on software development, as well as non-professional groups such as Wikipedia.

I conducted research projects at Cornell University (2004-2005), Harvard University (2007), Berkeley (2008), Harvard University (2011-2012), MIT and Harvard again (2015-2016). I was also a recipient of several academic awards, including Collegium Invisibile award (1998, granted annually to ~20 students from all fields), Foundation for Polish Science Young Scientists Award (2000, granted annually to ~100 Polish scholars under the age of 30 from all disciplines), Fulbright Foundation award (2004), Kosciuszko Foundation award (2007), „Polityka” magazine Outstanding Young Scholar Award (2009, as one of ~20 young scholars from all fields), Polish Ministry of Science Outstanding Young Scholar Award (2009, as one of ~20 scholars under the age of 35 from all fields), Polish Ministry of Education “KEN” medal for excellence in teaching (2010), Polish Ministry of Science outstanding habilitation award (2010), Mobility award from Polish Ministry of Science (2011, as one of only 5 scholars not from the sciences). I was also elected to the Young Scholars Academy of the Polish Academy of Sciences (I was among 9 scholars not from the sciences to be elected).

I am a member of the Committee of Sociology of Polish Academy of Sciences (2012-2017) and the Committee of Management and Organization Theory of Polish Academy of Sciences (2012-2017). I have been also appointed as an adviser to Polish Minister of Higher Education within the Committee of Scientific Policy in 2014.

My Google Scholar profile can be found here.

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